Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I Wore: On The Road Edition

Now, I don't know how obvious I've made this so far, but I'm a huge book nerd. I collect novels and read, probably to a fault. Which is why I was excited to find out that one of the most popular beat novels was being turned into a movie. On the Road is not one of my favorite novels, but it sure is entertaining and when I found this shirt from Out of Print Clothing, it had such a cool design I just had to add it to my wardrobe.

On The Road Tee - Out of Print Clothing
Cotton Blazer - Urban Outfitters
Suspenders - picked up in high school (similar ones)
Pencil Skirt - local boutique (a similar pencil skirt)
Buckle boots - Delias
Globe necklace - The Plaid Barn
Tapestry bag - Thrifted (similar style bag)

I always try to keep my dorkiness to a minimum in public, but sometimes it's hard. And I'll always jump for the chance to work a piece or my nerd closet into my outfit. With the new movie coming out and its all-star cast, this shirt was a breeze to toss into an outfit.

Suspenders are something I've recently re-discovered. I bought them in high school because I thought I was super cool and punk rock (I wasn't) and I held onto them because I thought I would one day be super cool and punk rock (I won't). However, they do work really well with my pencil skirts so I've been trying to dust them off more often lately.

The look I was going for was a tiny bit world traveler and a tiny bit office wear. The shirt, globe necklace, and tapestry satchel were all supposed to play with that theme. Not sure if I totally pulled it off - maybe it could have been more relaxed, more of a "traveler look - but I like the way it turned out.

Are you going to go see On The Road? Have you read the book?


  1. I just saw you through the Folio Society, On the Road always has a special place in my heart as it reminds me of one of my favourite lecturers. This is a great way of working in the look. I always try to wear at least three nerd items a week (even if it is my Marvel Superhero boxer shorts :)) and dress like a geeky character for another day.

    1. Well thanks for stopping in! I love your goal, I need to wear more nerd items a week. I think I just need to up my geeky jewelry collection, that might help.

  2. Oh wow, I love this SO much! For Christmas I have asked for pretty much nothing but items that proclaim all my nerdiness loud and clear. The suspenders+skirt looks really cool too!
    PS-I've read the book and will see the movie!


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