Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Wore: The Concert Edition

My high school career consisted of going to class (yes, I went to all of them) and going to concerts. That was pretty much it until I started working. There was not a whole lot in between. But, of course, I thought I was so punk rock then so my outfits consisted of a lot of mini skirts and fishnets. Maybe the occasional Dr. Marten. And that's all I've ever known or understood to be concert wear. How girls show up at 4 hour long concerts in heels is beyond me.

Because of this, I now struggle to know what to wear to concerts, because my brain is still telling me to pop on some chucks and concert tee and call it a day. Disregarding the fact that I no longer own any chucks or concert tees. So I still end up trying to look cute, but maybe a little too young? Or, in this case, a little too grunge?

I still sometimes wonder if I could pull off fishnets at a concert, but I settled for the thigh highs this time. And I always end up wearing some kind of graphic tee (although I really wish I had this one from Romwe in my closet before the show), and some kind of over thing - cardigan, button down, etc. Why? I honestly couldn't tell you. It's my concert formula. It's a sickness. And I am trying to break it.
Oh yes, and apologies for the crappy photos. I'm back to taking my photos myself (sad day) and I was rushing before leaving for this show. I will do better! I can do better!

Anyway, this concert was super fun. I went with a friend to see a band called The Protomen and it was EPIC. But back to the point, it's hard for me to break my concert outfit habits when this one seemed to work so well. I was comfortable and I think it looked pretty cute. I mean as a grown up you just wear what you would on any normal day to a concert, right?

Whatever, this outfit was fun. The concert was fun. I had fun. Yay for fun! 

Do you have a formula you follow for any kind of outfit (blouse+skirt+leggings= work)?


  1. I used to have a formula for shows. It was skinny jeans, loose 80s-shell-thrifted blouse, necklace or scarf, faux leather moto and heeled boots. I know, I'm one of those people that wear heels to shows and I can't think of one time I DIDN'T regret it. But, I never learn.

    1. Haha I know, heels look so cute, but I just can't sacrifice the comfort when it comes to shows. And used to? How did you break the spell?


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