Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Design: Gorgeous Garden Designs

Seriously? Spring is still not here yet? I made the huge mistake of putting all my winter coats into hiding when I was over at my parents' on Easter. And, naturally, the temperature dropped to the 30s the next day. That's what I get for not having the foresight to check the weather. Anyway, enough bitching (although a good bitching is always necessary). Instead, I'll daydream. Thank you.

I am absolutely not the person in my family with the green thumb. That is my mother. I tend to kill most plant life that comes near me. It must just sense that I'm a vegetarian and commit suicide or something. I have been trying though. My whole life we've always had a big garden and lots of plants in the house, but so far I've only manage to save one plant. Wait. I brought one plant back from the dead! Okay, that's better. Let's measure my efforts in terms of success. Good. Moving on

Because of my mother's love of all things green, I've always dreamed of having a huge garden overflowing with green and all of these are prime home garden examples. But really, I just love looking at landscape designs. Some people get really creative with their home garden. Honestly, I wouldn't even know where to start to design a garden for my home. Where do you plant things? How do you plant things? How do you keep them alive?

Oh look. Someone took a photo of what my attempt at a future home garden would look like. Just kidding! But also, I'm obsessed with this space. Enclosed gardens are also a dream, especially when living in climates that are cold most of the year. 

The perfect summer activity? I think so. 

image source
This last one is a rooftop garden design in New York. Yes, this is also 100% acceptable. In fact, I'll have one installed on my roof please and thank you.

What's your dream backyard look like?

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