Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Design: Breakfast Nook Designs

All my life I've wanted a breakfast nook in the kitchen. Yes, you read that right - all my life. I was a weird kid. I have always been interested by home design and breakfast nooks are one of those interior design elements I remember begging my mom for. Yes, begging. Especially once we actually had the space. You see, my mom owns her own cleaning service and has some pretty fancy houses on her client list. When I was younger, we couldn't afford day car in the summers so I would go to work with my mom. Ok so mostly I would play while she worked, but I got to go inside these crazy huge houses - most of which had breakfast nooks. I'm assuming this is where my obsession began considering it was before internet (Right?! I know. When was that?).

Despite my darnedest efforts, we never did end up getting the breakfast nook of my dreams, but you better believe that when this little lady owns a house it will have a big squishy, sunny place designated for breakfast and tea. In the meantime, let's get inspired.

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 As I'm sure you're aware, there are lots of different ways to do a breakfast nook in your home. Sometimes they even just look like a miniature dining room. However, I've always been a fan of the benched look. To me, it's not really a breakfast nook if there's no bench involved. Bonus points if it's cushioned, but you can always add cushions later. There's just something peaceful about the idea of sitting on a squishy bench with a hot cup of coffee, reading the news on your iPad (cause no one buys newspapers anymore, right). At least that's how I image it. So all of these picks are based on my preference of benched breakfast nooks.

They also have to be sort of small. That's the whole point on a nook isn't it? Bigger than a four seater and now you've got a dinning room again. But hey, I guess some people have enormous families.

I saved my favorite for last. Now this is totally a space I would love. This breakfast nook has it all - squishy seats, small space, and even a view out the window. Now if only I had the space and time ever to make and eat breakfast. A girl can dream right?

Would you ever want a breakfast nook in your home?

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