Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I Wore: The Prep School Edition

It's freaking spring in Chicago and I'm busting out the florals. You better believe it was an amazing feeling to finally wear this dress that I picked up from Target months ago. What I fool I was then, thinking the warm weather was coming soon. But it's finally here and that means that I am taking a stance against leg coverings!

In my 2013 effort to shop less and save more, I've quickly realized that Target and Forever21 have become my best friends. It really doesn't get more convenient if you're looking for one cute thing for pretty cheap. So I picked up this dress a few months ago (but they still have it!) because I was tired of winter and I wanted one new spring dress - and here it is. And no leg coverings! Goodbye to tights, leggings, and probably pants! Well, at least until around October.

Quickly I want to give another shout out to this Etsy seller, because I get compliments on this wolf ring all the time and I think he just does great work. Please go check out Western Mountain on Etsy!

Where are your favorite places to shop that still leave a little cash in your wallet?

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  1. Really cute! I admire your efforts to save money. I don't really have that problem since I have no money to spend haha.

    Ally @


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