Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Design: OMG That Courtyard!

I adore spaces that have were once created from something else turned into homes like church renovations and warehouse renovations, so this home would have caught my eye either way. BUT, what totally stood out to me was that courtyard. I mean holy entrance!
I just can't stop thinking about lounging on a warm summer night in this  little space. The brick, wood, and trees (and of course the mood lighting) make the space seem utterly peaceful while still being about to snoop on what's going on indoors. I love it. 

Of course, the rest of the house is gorgeous as well. The open floor plan, high would beams, and exposed brick floor is just what one would want out of a warehouse rehab. The only thing that's missing is the giant steel door. The giant open space and how the rooms flow into each other is one of the main reasons I love catching warehouse conversions and this one does it so organically.

Another selling point on this house are the floors. These beautiful brick floors remind me of homes in the south of France and as a francophile, there's nothing I want more than to be reminded of being in France (that is, if I can't actually be there myself). It also is a new take on my exposed brick obsession and I love new things (I love new things!).

I normally don't post floor plans, but since the layout of the space is really interesting, I thought I'd share. Have you fallen in love with this home too? Well pull out your checkbook. It'll only set you back a cool 2.2 million. Only.

What does your dream courtyard look like?

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