Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: The Velvet Skirt Underground Edition

Do you remember my trendspotting post where I was gushing over velvet as the fabric for this winter? Well I decided I needed a velvet skirt to survive this miserable season, but not being able to find exactly what I wanted I decided to do a little DIY magic and make one for myself! You like?

Sweater: Local boutique
Velvet skirt: DIY
Buckle heels: Target

 I'm no seamstress so (big surprise) it didn't turn out perfect, but it's soft and longer than all the other skirts I was finding in stores. Long story short, I'm extremely happy with it even though I have to sort of wiggle into it. I wanted it to be a bit high-waisted and didn't quite plan out what would happen when the waist was narrower than my hips and my stitches didn't stretch. Do any of you sew? How do I make a stretchy skirt where the stitches won't pull when putting it on? I should probably look at a couple tutorials before trying to sew anything again. For now, it works.

 And yes, you have seen this sweater before, but doesn't it look good with everything? I think so too.

Three tier necklace and bird ring: local boutique
Rock ring and bracelets: Urban Outfitters and vintage

That's all I've got for today. I know that velvet is generally a very holiday fabric, but it feels so appropriate in these single digit degree days. So what do you say, is velvet fabric for the holiday only?


  1. Love it! I think the necklace really pulls everything together. You did a great job on that skirt!

    xo Jennifer

  2. Thanks, you're too sweet! Everyone seems to be loving the necklace!

  3. Try putting your skirt on over your head ;)

    1. Haha I have done that a few times to get into it. Thanks for the tip! ;)

  4. Dressing is looking amazing Maggie, I've been thinking about making a dress with velvet, but while looking for some ideas found your post. Accessories are looking fab too! really liked your shoes, matching your styles.. Thanks for sharing the post and good luck with your designing skills.


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