Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday - The Under the Weather Edition

So I've been fighting this cold tooth and nail for over a week now and I finally think I'm starting to recover, but when I was taking these pictures for the outfit of the week post I was still pretty sickly. Naturally, I decided to do a comfy outfit. Nothing better than a big cozy sweater when your nose won't stop running right? Right.

Also, it's getting chilly out so we attempted to do a photo shoot in the hallway, which ended up being extremely difficult for coloring and lighting reasons. I don't plan on doing that one again. 

Sweater, skirt, and necklace (yes, I am a tool): Presence in Andersonville
Tights and shoes: Urban Outfitters

Anyway, here's hoping your holiday tomorrow is delicious and full of thanks!

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