Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I Wore: The Wishing for Spring Edition

Spring, oh spring, where art thou? It's time right? The weather gods are just messing with us? I would love to me able to walk outside in a light jacket again (or no jacket, but I'm asking for baby steps here). It's going to warm up to a sunny 50 degrees this weekend and in an effort to break away from winter, I'm busting out the light sweaters and floral prints!

I mean, really, what says spring like floral leggings, teal, and a scary skull necklace? Oh, probably lots of other things, but I'm trying to ease into it. But it is time people! There are, of course, several trends that come back every spring no matter what else is going on, which is perfect for those of us who are momentarily financially challenged and want to pull out last years clothes. If you're pulling from last spring's closet your safest bet is to hold on to any florals, nautical prints, pastels, and any small cutesy prints (glasses, dogs, cupcakes, etc.). Sure, you would think that we would get tired of it and fashion designers do try to reinvent these every year, but tell me you don't think nautical when spring rolls around.

Now, I've always been pulled towards florals, it's a curse. But in this case I'm ok with it because I'm trying not to buy a whole new wardrobe this season (not trying, I just can't - like most of you probably) so holding on to the flowers in my closet makes it easy to toss in a touch of spring. And one day soon I won't even have to cover it up with a jacket. Hopefully.

Why did I throw skulls into the mix? Because I love skulls. That is all.

On a slightly sadder note, this is the last of the photo shoots I got to take with my very talented friend Lena so I hope you enjoy it! The pictures will never be this good again. But if you want to see more be sure to check her out online! Lena Britt Photography: Website, Blog, Facebook, and Instagram! She's all over the place. What a busy girl ;) 

What are some spring trends that you see coming back every year?

P.s. I'm having a sale in the Etsy shop! Enter code FRESH at checkout for 20% off your purchase. Another reason to get excited for spring ;)

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