Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Design: No Straight Lines Here

First things first, who else got the new Ikea catalogue over the weekend? Although I'm sometimes skeptical of Ikea furniture, I do love browsing it for inspiration because they are fantastic at organizing tiny spaces like mine. Oh, and inspiration I found. My next big splurge is going to be a trip to Ikea so I'm going to start saving my pennies. Besides, I think a little re-design after the roommate moved out is just what this place needs to get me back on my feet and feeling comfortable again.

Anyway, daydreaming about re-decorating sent my imagination flying and I was in kind of a silly mood today when real estate stalking, so what better to satisfy a silly mood than a silly house?

I stumbled across this residence on FreshHome and thought it was a super fun design for a home. Designed by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz, this residence has almost not corners. Its winding design was made to be interactive. I love that concept - an interactive home. You can't idly pass by or through it, you have to pass in and around it. The organic shape and interactive feel make the home seem almost like a living being all its own. 

Would you ever live in such a curvaceous home? 

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