Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I Wore: The Scooter Edition

First thing first: no, this is not my scooter. I really wish it was. How cool would that be? It belongs to my friend and it just happened to make a fun backdrop. Moving on to the outfit. Sleeveless dresses, let's chat about them a bit shall we? I used to hate wearing anything sleeveless like this because I've always been really self-conscious about my arms, so anything that showcased just arm and no shoulder made me feel weirdly exposed and naked. I know, it doesn't actually make any sense, but that was the deal. The older I get the less self-conscious I am about things like that so I've recently re-discovered and embraced the sleeveless dress (like for my Birthday outfit)!  

Sleeveless chiffon dress - Topshop (similar dress that I also tried on)
Leopard print kitten wedges from Target forever ago (similar pair of leopard print wedge - not that leopard print shoes are hard to find)
Yellow skinny belt - (similar belt)

I actually wore this dress in the Shedd Aquarium outfit post, but covered up due to my sleeveless dress self-inflicted paranoia.
So sleeveless dresses are really not as scary as I remember them being and the ones with collars are even completely office appropriate (which is fantastic because I seem to be having hot flashes in the office this summer - menopause? Is it me you're looking for?). BUT, if you're like me and love the sleeveless dress but don't like wearing them, add a sweater! It's the solution to everything. I probably own a cardigan in 30 different colors. You think I'm over-exaggerating. I'm not. However, getting more comfortable with yourself is strictly a good thing, so if you have some article of clothing that you tend to stay away from, I highly recommend breaking that habit. It's terrible how sometimes we can be our own worst critics. So I'm learning to love the sleeveless dress for summer! And as you can see here and here, I've been pretty damn successful.

So here I am, conquering the sleeveless dress damnit! Sorry, I got Empowered? I suppose clothes and conquering insecurities is a pretty empowering feeling. If you haven't done it recently, I highly recommend.

What type of clothing do you usually try to stay away from?

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