Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Design: 8 Living Rooms Designs

So I bought a new lamp over the weekend to replace a hobbled one that was way past its prime and it got me thinking about rearranging my living room. Which of course got me thinking about redesigning my living room entirely. And when inspiration hits, what do we do? We hit Pinterest! As well as my secret stash of other design sites. And then spend hours on the internet dreaming of living rooms that I will never have and getting nothing done in the way of reorganizing. Gotta love technology right?

On the plus side, I did pull together some fun living room design inspiration to mull over.

I love bright colors! This living room is so happy. I already have a red couch and would love yellow arm chairs, but I have dirty friends and am bad at washing arm chair covers. On the other hand, re-painting sounds like an even bigger hassle. BUT, bright colored accent pillows and other design elements? Totally do-able.

I love that this living room space is dark, yet full of light and cluttered but still have lots of room. It's a beautiful juxtaposition. If only I could make my living room look this rustic and comfortably cluttered without actually looking run-down and over-stuffed. I suppose I'm always up for a challenge.

Now this entertainment center design that I can handle. Easy to put together and totally affordable. Things you need: lots of photographs or a good printer, old frames in different shapes and sizes. Looks like I'm buying new ink for my printer and hitting up the thrift store this weekend.

This living room looks smooth as butter doesn't it? Can't you just imagine how luxurious it would feel to be rolling around on that carpet and sinking into those pillows? Oh yea, the color scheme is awesome as well. 

Obviously, I love bright colored couches and grey walls. That is all.

I love how delicate and classic the details in this room are. Even the ornate handles on the mint doors feel rich yet feminine.

My love of all things wood, exposed brick, and rustic is well documented. I have no secrets to hide from you guys. So for anyone who knows my tastes in design, this living room design should be no surprise. How I would to this to my living room? No idea. It's a pipe dream people.

The shades of blue in this couch remind me of the ocean, which is also a great theme for any living room design. Oh yea, and it's a bright colored couch. Are we seeing a theme here?

I know I need to think smaller, but how great would it be to re-do your whole living room this week?

What ways do you update your living room without a complete design change?

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