Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I Wore: The Boot Edition

I love boots. Cowboy boots, ankle booties, motorcycle boots, any kind of boot. They are my favorite kind of shoe. Wearing boots again comfortably is what I'm always most excited about when the weather starts to get cooler. However, as much as I wish I could buy a new pair of boots whenever I want, financially it makes more sense for me to hold on to them until I absolutely need a new pair. Well the time has come. All my current boots are worn down at the heel to the point of being dangerous. You know what that means? I get to buy new boots and not feel bad about it it! Which is exactly what happened. 

I picked up these cowgirl boots from an ad I saw online actually for a store called Country Outfitters. I know, I judged the name too, but I do love cowboy boots and they had an amazing selection (go figure)  with a large number of very affordable shoes. So I fell in love with these and had to have them. Plus clicking through the ad gave me 20% off my order - don't you just love those? Of course, I picked these up in late June and had to wait to wear them (I know, my life is soooo tough). As soon as it was cool enough to wear them, I wouldn't take them off.

It's still summer though so I paired these cute cowgirl boots with some high-waisted black jeans (I mean, you know how much I love high-waisted!) and a sheer lace top with just a little bandeau top underneath, making the slow transition into a fall wardrobe.

Taupe heart cut-out cowgirl boots - Country Outfitters
White lace blouse - local boutique (similar top) (cuter top!)
Black high-waisted jeans - Urban Outfitters
Light pink bandeau top - local boutique (similar top)

Oh and I have to share my new favorite necklace with you guys. This Etsy shop owner is amazing! It's a raven skull necklace and I absolutely adore it, but he's got a great selection of very unique jewelry, specifically metal cast skulls - yes, I have an odd fascination. Be sure to check it out!

Oh and SURPRISE! I got a tattoo! It's from this pin I found one day and I absolutely loved. It roughly translates to life is made up of little happinesses. I figured we could all use that reminder from time to time. Do you guys like it?

What's your take on boots? Can't live with them, can't live without them?


  1. Boots are fantastic! I love fall/winter when they really start coming into function.

    And "Country Outfitters?" lol. whadda name.

  2. side note: sometimes I wonder if Google's captcha allows you to get one letter wrong sometimes. I often just guess at the letters and it still lets me through most times.

    1. Gah! Do I have those activated on here? Deactivating at once. Those are so annoying.


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