Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Design: Masterful Color Combinations

I've finally started to repaint my apartment from all the crazy colors that it's been for the past year or so and it's coming along slowly. Which is giving me time to second guess myself. Of course, I've been dreaming of getting the white walls back for months and now that it's finally happening, I feel like I'm going to miss the colors! What is wrong with me people? Indecisive much? I realize though that my color combination skills are not so great and the real reason I hate the colorful apartment is that nothing matches, not that it's colorful. I should take some lessons from this color conscious couple who live in a beautifully decorated Los Angeles home that has bright colors and prints everywhere and yet still manages to look wonderfully put together.

 What I've learned so far from this house tour: 1.) Not every room has to be a crazy color if you want a colorful home. Some rooms can have muted walls and bright pops of color in the decor. 2.) White furniture is essential, but not for every piece. 3.) Have fun with patterns, but keep them minimal.

Am I going to try again with my colorful apartment? No. I've already started painting. It's too late to go back now. BUT, I will keep this home in mind if I'm ever thinking of doing something similar again.

I love this teal against the dark wood. 
This is probably my favorite room as far as color combinations go. It's bright, but not overwhelming and it's absolutely inviting. The wicker chairs makes it seem more relaxed than a normal living room, like you're being invited for lemonade on the porch.

I think this wallpaper (paint?) made me gasp out loud. Really? This bathroom is perfect. I would feel so extravagant going to wash my face in here. Perfect.

Where do you get inspiration for home decor?

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