Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Design: Winter Perfect Pastels

So in the midst of getting over the death flu that everyone has contracted, I've been spending a lot of time at home scheming and plotting design changes for my apartment (an apartment that I might be moving out of in April, yes, I'm insane). This past weekend I finally started repainting the walls and it was super exciting! It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. Now, I've been living in a sort of Barney playroom apartment with every room being two different colors for a little over a year. I also had pretty bright colored furniture for a while from a time where I lived in a dark basement apartment. Well, the bright red couch has been replaced with a subtle grey one and the walls are going back to white! Now my biggest dilemma is what color scheme I want to change to.

After a year of living in a rainbow, I've been really drawn in to subtle color palates which is why this pastel home decor really caught me eye. I love that there are still splashes of color but it's all so subtle that the design is still clean.
I love how this room is mostly grey and white making the pale pink and green really stand out. It looks so ring and colorful, but really there are only a few colored details. Perfect!

That hot pink stool is the perfect contrast to the muted colors in this room.

I kind of what to steal this color palette for my apartment and I just might. Although, I think it means I'm actually going to have to sand down and paint my bookcase - like I've been talking about doing for two years.  

What's your perfect home color scheme?

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