Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I Wore: The Unconventional Office Wear Edition

As I mentioned at the start of the year, 2013 is the year of shopping my closet! And I haven't broken my resolution yet, although it's already been tough. I don't think I have enough winter appropriate clothes. I have a TON of cardigans though. Like, an absurd amount. So I'm playing around with what I have and trying to be creative with my outfits.

The shirt is from last spring when color blocking was huge, the leopard print cardigan was thrifted, the skirt is a staple from Urban Outfitters, and the rest are just basics. It had been a dreary few days before the cold really started settling in so I wanted to brighten up my mood with some bright colors. I really wanted to throw on the leopard print cardigan so I kept the colors minimal but solid.  Did I mention this was my work outfit? If you work in a relatively relaxed office, this look is totally fun and appropriate.

Ok so I know my hair looks crazy. I was looking for a quick change and decided to go blonde. Turns out going from dark brown to blonde is NOT a quick change. It's a painfully slow process if you're doing it yourself and you don't want all your hair to be fried. So I'm working on it. I look silly now, but just you wait, I'll look less silly one day. One day. Or (more likely) I'll just get tired of lightening it and dye it back to brown because I'm terrible at maintaining my hair. Oops. It's kind of fun know though. I always like testing boundries and this has been the best way to test the "natural" hair color rule at my office since "technically" I'm a blonde. Really, I'm Crayola yellow, but tomato tomahto right?

One more for jewelry details (since I can't wear clothes without jewelry) and because I felt like striking a fierce pose. It's pretty fierce, no?

What's your favorite trend from last year?

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