Friday, January 4, 2013

Photo Friday: Darkened Cities

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013. Good news is, I'm not dead. Bad news is, I still feel like death. It's been a rough start for me in 2013 since it seems like I've caught the plague and have had to maintain blogging silence for a bit. I hope no one noticed or missed me too much. ;)

Now I'm that I'm recuperating, it's back to business as usual. So what do you say we start of 2013 with some pretty pictures of the world's biggest cities without any electricity?

I wonder all the time what life would have been like for me if I hadn't grown up in a big city. In high school I missed seeing stars so much that we would drive out to the middle of no where on weeknight just to lay on top of cars and catch a shooting star. That's what city kids do for fun, go star-gazing. Luckily, as a kid my parents loved to go camping. I mean LOVED. We went pretty much every weekend. So I got to see plenty sparkling skies as a child. Being an adult makes you forget about start sometimes. After my weekend trip to Wisconsin, I got to see a few, but it was far too cold to really enjoy them. I think my 2013 resolution is going to be to stop and enjoy the stars more.

These pictures by Thierry Cohen definitely made me realize that. It's amazing how much light electricity keeps away from us. There are nights I can barely make out one star. Can you image if all of us in cities got one night to see the stars like in these Darkened Cities? I think it would be mind blowing.

What's one thing you hope to see more in 2013?


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