Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I Wore: The Big Cats Edition

Ok, I know this is my year of limiting my spending and not really buying anything new, but yes this sweater is new. Before you quarter me, I did buy it before the new year. It just happened to get here after. Now that's not my fault is it? Being a lover of leopard print and cats it stands to reason that other big cats would catch my attention too and they do. All the time actually. Lions, jaguars, tigers, you name it and I've probably got some fashion item with it. So you can understand that when I saw this sweater of a tiger wearing a bow tie I had to have it. I mean really? Is it not freaking adorable?

Tiger with a Bow Tie Sweater - Sheinside
Black High Waisted Jeans - Urban Outfitters (my staple jean, I wear them all the time)
Blue knit beanie - I DIY-ed it! Want one? Leave a comment.
Golden Birthday Necklace - Also DIY-ed but you can find the tutorial here
Black booties - Forever 21 (similar)

This was my first time ordering from and I'm not sure if I will again. I love the selection and it's super cheap, which is all great, but the sizes on the sweaters were non-existant and shipping took like 3 weeks. I guess you gotta take the good with the bad. Overall, both sweaters I bought fit fine and I'm very tempted to buy more because they have the cutest prints. And more tigers and cats! I need more cat prints! 

This outfit is actually unusually borring for me (see last week's outfit for comparison), but I've been wearing a lot of black lately. I'm not sure if it's the winter blues taking over my fashion sense or if I'm just over the bright color parade that's in my closet for right now. Anyway, it was oddly refreshing to step out of myself for a bit and just be simple for once. My apologies for the quality of this shoot, but it was about 5 degrees outside and I was freezing! I must love this blog or be insane - you choose.

Ok let's talk about my hair for a second. It is YELLOW. No, it is not on purpose. I was going to attempt to go platinum on my own and write up a tutorial for all you lovely readers in case you wanted to do the same. Needless to say, I have been pretty unsuccessful so far. I lightened it, sure, but no matter how much toner I use I can't seem to get the yellow out. So as much as it's killing me to say this, I'm throwing in the towel! I'm going to get it professionally touched up this weekend because, damn it, I don't know what I'm doing and I can't DIY everything - even though I try like hell to. Here's hoping that in next week's outfit photos I'll be a true, blue blonde. ::fingers crossed::
Disclaimer: Yes, I do think my hair looks stupid. You are totally allowed to agree with me on that. 

What's one animal print you can't stop yourself from buying?

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