Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Design: Cozy Fireplaces

It's really snowing here in Chicago now. After a few dry and cold months, I am now remembering why I hate when it snows in the city. Travel times are terrible and everything is a dark slushy mess. All I want to do right now is curl up under some warm blankets in front of a ride and read or knit. Doesn't that sound pleasant  Too bad that's not happening for me any time soon, but maybe it is for you? If it is, can I come over? Please?

Anyway, I got to daydreaming (like I do) and started browsing for cozy fireplace designs. You know, just in case I ever need inspiration for my home fireplace...or something. There are an unbelievable amount of gorgeous fireplace designs out there in the world. I narrowed it down to just a few exceptionally warm looking fireplaces, but let me tell you, if you need inspiration it won't be hard to find!

Which one of these fireplaces would you love to curl up in front of? 

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