Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Design: Living in an Art Museum

Ever wonder what it would feel like to live in an art museum? No? Just me? Okay then. But I'd imagine that Luis Bustamante had the same thought when planning the design of this voluptuous Spanish apartment and in all of his work. The volume and shape of the furniture is balanced beautifully against the classic sculptural pieces. But what really caught my eye right off the bat was the perfect drama of interior design in all of Bustamante's designs.

I pulled a few different projects from Luis Bustamante's website for this feature, but every single room feel like it could absolutely belong in the same house or apartment. Bustamante's affinity for large, luxurious pieces of furniture and expertly placed sculptures is obvious the signature style you can except when looking at the room designs.

I love the burst of red in this mostly white room. The red adds a touch of drama to the design of the space that would otherwise but kind of plain, even with all the gorgeous pieces. 

I love libraries and library design! I mean, what little book nerd girl doesn't dream of one day having the library from Beauty and the Beast, right? Well this is obviously no where near that grand of a scale, but it is just as gorgeous and opulent. A more modest version of a dream come true. 

These hallways are most reminiscent to me of walking through the halls of an art museum. The sculptures placed against the empty walls are a perfect touch.

Would you love to live in these spaces, surrounded by sculptures, or is it a bit too much?

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  1. I'd be afraid to have a couch that was white. Actually, my parents had a very nice white couch in the living room. We rarely sat on it. Actually, let me take a photo of it from my dad's book, "Walter Burley Griffin in America"
    It's the couch on the far left.


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