Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I Wore: Beaded Vintage Sweaters Edition

Hello, my name is Maggie and I am a hoarder. It's been about two days since I've kept something that I probably won't ever need. It's a problem. I am looking into support groups and trying to throw little things away here and there. Of course, it's so handy, what if I need that thing in the next 5 to 10 years?!!? Ugh, ok, so I'm not making wonderful progress in my hoarder-ism. However, it does sometimes have it's upsides - like when thrifting. Having a hoarder's eye makes for great finds when vintage shopping, which is why I started my Etsy shop.

I just had to buy cool things I found, whether they fit me or not. Eventually I had too many vintage pieces and not enough room. I put up a lot of pieces in the Etsy store that I would like to keep, but I just don't have the room, every once in a while though I find piece that I just can't give up (sorry world!).

This vintage beaded sweater is one of those things that I can't part with. Mostly because it's beaded and from the 50s (my weaknesses), but also because it fits me perfectly - something that almost never happens. It's the top of a two piece. The bottom is probably long gone, but it works perfectly over this Jason Wu for Target dress (also worn here).

Huge, huge, huge thanks to my friend Lena who is an amazing photographer and I wish she didn't live in Norway so that we could do this all the time. I had such a blast shooting with her and all of the pictures are amazing! Please be sure to check her out and follow her on Instagram because she's got an adorable kitty! And check out her photography blog and Facebook page while you're at it, you won't be disappointed!

Do you hoard...err...hold onto anything? 

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