Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I Wore: The Vintage Checks Edition

Every once in a while, I like posting a look using something from my vintage Etsy shop, Stranger Than Vintage (self promo, sorry!)! I love all of the vintage pieces I pick up, obviously since I chose them, so I like trying them on and showing them off. I have to tell you though, sometimes that just makes me want to keep the dress or shirt or whatever. I'm seriously debating about this one.  
I try on every item that I pick up to get a sense of the size, because sizing has changed over the years and it can be hard to gauge the sizes of vintage clothes even if they have the labels still attached. I just found that it's easier to actually put the thing on (even just over the clothes I'm already wearing) and figure it out from there. However, this does mean that sometimes I just end up keeping items that were meant for sale. It's a dangerous hobby, selling vintage.

This dress is up for sale though! I haven't decided to keep it...yet. It is a super fun and comfy house dress though. Just sayin'.

Okay, outfit talk time. I'm not sure if I'm working this one. I have a really hard time working vintage outfits into my winter wardrobe because mostly I think of vintage as cute dresses that are worn without jackets. This dress is a little warmer because the material is a little thicker, but it's still not the perfect winter dress. I thought I would add some warm sweater tights and something over it.

I really wanted to make it a more up to date look, because I think that vintage pieces work best in your wardrobe when they are incorporated with more modern pieces. BUT I always get stuck in the past. In an effort to make the look more modern, I made that a fur vest. Good choice? I dunno. Maybe with a different hairstyle? All suggestions welcome!

Don't ask why I look so mad in this picture, because I'm really not sure.

Oops, you can see the tag. I'm so unprofessional.

Do you shop vintage? How often do you thrift? 

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