Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Design: Parisian Interior Design

Have I mentioned I love the French? If it hasn't been obvious up to now, it will be. Especially when it comes to interior design and architecture because I want nothing more than to live in a rustic French home with exposed stone walls. Nothing more. There, I just told you my life goal. Now we're besties. Right? Any-who, since that very much isn't even close to the case for me right now, I'm constantly day dreaming about it over the internet. That's why this architecture and design team was a no brainer.

 D. Mesure is a french interior design company that appears to create living spaces straight from my dreams. I mean really. It's a little frightening. This is from one of their projects in Paris, but so far I have loved every residential space that I looked through. They just have that perfect blend of rustic, French country and modern elements that I just go ga-ga over. I was actually going to post one of their other projects first, but the exposed wood beam ceiling in this space was definitely a selling point.

 This painting fits so beautifully with the little red touches in the kitchen.

The giant horse painting makes such great, gallery-style use of that blank wall and calls back to the natural design elements within the space. 

What's your dream house look like?

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