Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Design: Castle Living

Be still my beating heart. As you should know by now, I have an odd obsession with France. Especially the southern parts. And it's no secret that I love rustic and rural interior designs. Mash those two things together into a castle and what do you get? Le Ch√Ęteau Marteret and a mini heart attack on my end.

Now, out of all the hotels and getaways I've seen in France so far, the rates at the Chateau Marteret are not outrageous, but it would still include a flight to the south west of France and is therefore not an option for me. I'm so broken hearted. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to keep admiring the photos and settle for now.
The stairway is so epic, like entering the halls of an art museum.

I love the chapel room because of the gorgeous stained glass window details.

Every room comes with a ridiculously ornate skeleton key. What? Can I keep mine after my visit? They must have multiples, right?

And it's in the south, so expect the sun to always shine. Sounds like heaven to me.

Have you ever vacationed in a castle? 

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