Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I Wore: The Patterned Tights Edition

I love patterned tights. Always have and probably always will, unfortunately. The problem is that after years of buying leopard print, floral, and geometric print tights, I still have no idea how to wear them. Especially now as an adult.

I fear a lot of times that wearing patterned tights can come off as really young, which is why I buy them and then let them decorate my sock drawer for years. So once again, I picked up a pair of printed tights at Urban Outfitters on sale a couple months back and now that it's getting warmer out, I wanted to give them a try. But I also didn't want to do the all-black-bright-tights look (which is how these outfits usually end up). So here it is, my first attempt at rocking patterned tights as an adult:
I was spying on some spring 2013 runway trends for inspiration and I saw a lot of layering, a lot of prints, and a lot of feminine shapes. So maybe combining all of those into one outfit wasn't the best idea, but damn it  we all make mistakes. 

Anyway, in trying to get in the mood for spring (it's 20 degrees in Chicago today, so it's been really difficult) and I'm bringing back the florals! This means in life and in the Etsy store!

To put you in the mood for spring too, I'm offering a 20% Off discount on anything in the shop for all my lovely blog readers! Just enter code FRESH at checkout and you're set! It's only for the next two weeks, so don't miss out kiddies. :)

And a big thank you to my photographer. Please be sure to check out my friend Lena's photography, she was the one that took all of these wonderful photos: WebsiteBlogInstagram, and Facebook

What would you add or change to this outfit?

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  1. Replies
    1. They're a mountain scene and I love them. Although now that you mention it, tights with an atomic bomb print would be amazing!

  2. I like this outfit a lot-- I'm a big fan of patterned tights for a long time now. I might have maybe worn a black, sleeveless top for a more midnight witchy look, but I like how you styled it just fine. Actually, you are already wearing the top I described, just with lace over it so... : )

    1. Hahaha thanks for the input and approval! Actually when I put this on, I did feel super witchy so yea, we're on the same page. :)

  3. I love colorful tights and polka dotted tights. Haven't braved any patterned tights, just yet! Maybe I will. You pull them off way too well!!! ;)


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