Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Design: Downton Abbey Style

The design details in this home immediately made me think of Downton Abbey and I didn't realize why, at first. The design in the interior of the home is classic, but modern. It wasn't until I realized that the home itself is a Victorian era home in Scotland that it made sense. And it is gorgeous.

It makes me think of the house that Matthew was living in during the first season of the show. This Scottish home is so incredibly cozy and charming on its own, but the decor inside the house make this old building seem freshly built and decorated. I love that all the furniture within the home was picked to keep with the classic, Victorian style. But it still somehow seems completely modern.

Can't you see the family coming into the mudroom after horse back riding or going for a picnic? Can I walk into this mudroom after either one of those things?

Would you live in this country home?

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