Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I Wore: The Summer Hats Edition

I already mentioned in yesterday's post that I am a fan of hats, I just don't think I can pull them off. Well, nothing has really changed since yesterday, but I found this hat for $3 at the thrift store and I thought I'd give it a shot. So this is me, giving it a shot. Alright, full disclosure time, I don't hate it. Didn't hate it. BUT wearing a hat is really, really, really annoying. I'm guessing it's one of those things that you have to get used to, like wearing heels or bracelets, but geez.

Anyway, straw hats make me feel very vintage, so most of the items from today's post are either thrifted or gifted. I guess that's the good part of looking like a hipster all the time, you can mix old items in with thrifted items, with new items. Also, I'm in my 20s and broke so buying new clothes all the time sometimes means I can't eat. Oops. The price of fashion I guess. Which is why I'm keeping it cheap! Nothing wrong with that right? Hope you like the look!

Summer Straw Hat: Thrifted
Wicker Picnic Handbag: Vintage 
Red Sleeveless Mullet Dress: B.B. Dakota
Necklace: Vintage 

I love vintage wicker bag. It's like a tiny picnic basket and that is just as amazing as it sounds. It was a given to me buy by boss whose grandma was a chronic shop-a-holic (we obviously could have been friends) to sell in the Etsy store, but I couldn't part with it (sorry!).I'm on the lookout for more to put up for sale so keep watch. I found one recently that was pink and cute, but a little too worn down for how expensive it was so I have high hopes for finding another vintage wicker bag.

This belt is the same one from this outfit

Do you wear hats in the summer time?


  1. sooo cute!! love that hat. YOu should become a hat person!

    1. Really? You're just saying that because you love hats.

  2. that belt makes the outfit ! what a nice pairing. I nominated you for a Liebster award !!


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