Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Design: Perfect Pastels

I am growing increasingly tired of the color on my walls. When planning painting my apartment, I did an incredibly poor job of figuring out how the rooms would play together. And now I can't stop dreaming about getting the original white walls back. Finding this simple and stark apartment while real estate stalking did not help one bit. I think I'm going to have to repaint soon and bleach my couch cover. Does anyone know if that's safe to do on couch fabric?

Anyway, this apartment is perfect. Clean white walls with just the subtlest pops of pastel pinks and purples to soften up the sharp, clean design. I am a fan. 

This dining room is like a blank canvas. I would definitely add some color and interest to the shelving lining the walls, but the table and cabinet set are gorgeous.

This living room makes me happy. Still clean and white with grey, but the collection of pastel accents makes it feel soft and feminine.

And how gorgeous is this view to top it all off?

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