Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I Wore: The Office Edition

Dressing for the office when it's hot out is difficult (especially if you sit in traffic for an hour in a car with no air conditioning). But somehow, I've got to do it. This one is probably my favorite to the office outfit for the summer. It's light and fun but classic and office appropriate at the same time.

Floral light pink dress - H&M
Ruffle heels - Ruche and also with this outfit
Oversized envelope clutch - Urban Outfitters
Knot belt - Urban Outfitters...I think?

Now, before you start chastising me on how wrong it is to wear open toed shoes to the office, let me tell you two things: 1.) everyone wears jeans to my office 2.) they are barely open toed, really. But really, I know that it's not considered professional in some offices. Office wear is difficult to advise on because what works for mine might not work for yours. You really have to feel it out for a while to see what's appropriate and what isn't. Generally, I think it's better to be over-dressed than under-dressed because at least when you're over-dressed you still look good. Under-dressed, you can look sloppy. No one wants to look sloppy.

These are my general rules for summer office wear:
  • Keep it no higher than an inch above the knee (obviously, this one is hard for even me to follow because I'm a giant. You gotta work with what you can at 5'9").
  • If you need to keep pulling up your shirt, you're showing too much cleeve. Cover it up doll, your boobs are for after office wear. 
  • If you would feel comfortable wearing it to the beach or a summer bbq, go change. This is not your cousin's backyard.
  • Flats, heels, boots - great. Sneakers, save them for a marathon. And unless you work at a gym, there is no reason you should be wearing sweats of any kind, this includes sweatshirts. There are too many cute sweaters in this world for you to pull a hoodie over your head right before the big meeting. 
This dress is my office perfect dress. It's not clingy, not too short, covers my tattoo, and it isn't boring. Best of all? I got it on sale for $15! Office clothes should be well-fitted, versatile, and cheap! Especially if office wear doesn't really fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. Think H&M, Target, and even places like T.J. Maxx for simple pieces you can mix and match like classically cut dresses, sweaters, flats, and button down shirts.

What are your rules for office wear?

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