Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo Friday: Fall Opulence

Oh they are laying the jewels on thick for this coming holiday season. If you haven't checked out any fall 2012 fashion editorials yet it's possible you haven't seen it, but oh it's there. Get ready to be encrusted in gems and gold. Don't get me wrong, I am very, very happy about this. Cover me in feathers and jewels. It's on.

This is a fashion editorial from the September issue of Harper's Bazaar and I adore it for two main reasons and one minor reason. The two big ones: 1. The vintage look and feel of the model's make-up and hair along with the cut of the clothes. 2. Rhinestones, gems, pearls, gold - do I really need to say more? The minor reason: What the hell is going on in this editorial? I mean, I get it. They wanted the clothes to really stand out and this desolate white background and the ruins are a sharp contrast to the dark colors and lush fabrics, but really? Just think about what's happening in these images. What are you doing lady? I suppose that's what makes for a good fashion editorial though.

Cover me in raven feathers please. I want this dress more than anything else in the world right now. Is that weird? Maybe, but I don't care.

What do you think? Too much or not enough?

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