Monday, November 7, 2011

Real Estate Stalking on Chilly Days

As it's starting to cool off here I can't help but thinking about the awful way winter will take over my life soon. I'm remembering freezing night and sludge soaked shoes which is already giving me shivers down my spine. Does winter really have to happen every year?

In an attempt to escape from the tundra in my mind I decided to do a little real estate stalking. After studying abroad in the south of France one fall, my go-to escape from miserable cold are the rolling vineyards and gorgeous golden sunshine of the Côte du Rhône, so naturally that was where my search began.

I always find the most amazing rustic brick homes when searching through Mediterranean homes and this time was no exception (via). Come daydream with me...

I would worry about rain, but from what I remember it doesn't rain very much in paradise.

I absolutely love the big brick details in the kitchen paired with the tile floors. There's something so raw and natural about the wood, brick and tile in this kitchen that makes me feel like only farm fresh foods should be allowed on the table.

If every time I walked outside I saw these rolling green hills I would die happy. Wouldn't you? 

Alright, time to close the computer, climb under this pile of blankets and try to stop shivering.

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