Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday - The Record Store Edition

For this week's outfit I decided to go for a more relaxed look or the "I wear this shopping on the weekends and to bars" look. Quick note: Yes, those are jeggings. Yes, I do realize no one wears them anymore, but guess what? They are comfortable and in some cases, like when it's chilly out and I'm wearing a longer top, they come in pretty handy. So deal with it.

Today's outfit post is special because it gives you (Kari) a glimpse inside my apartment. It was too cold and rainy to take pictures outside. Yes, those are all CDs I'm looking at. No, they are not all mine. My roommate (or boyfriend as some people would call him, but who likes labels right?) is somewhat of a music snob, so those minus about 10 belong to him. His record collection is also a slowly growing problem, but it makes for easy pickin's when I want to find something to listen to!

Anyway, back to the nagging questions, am I actually in a record store? No, but I would wear this to an actual record store.

As for the apartment, the walls are grey with yellow trim. Our apartment is a colorful mess. I spent the whole holiday weekend cleaning so I'll try to get some pictures oh the horribly design in my apartment before it becomes an organized mess once again.

Okay, enough jabber. On to the pictures!

 Tank  and shoes - Urban Outfitters
Shirt and leggings- H&M
Necklaces and watch - Presence in Andersonville

Until next time!


  1. love that t-shirt but what I really covet is your turntable. really covet. mine was killed by lightning.

  2. Oh no! How did that happen? You can find some really good ones for around $100 online. Maybe Santa will leave you one under your tree ;)

  3. The perfect casual outfit - love that checked shirt!


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