Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trend Forcasting - 3 Trends You Need to Be On Top Of

Working at a job that requires me to be online all day is sometimes both a blessing and a curse. Curse more often than not, but surfing through blogs all day can be beneficial in the sense that I can see what people are talking about. And, of course, add to my ever-growing wish list. Here's what I've picked up lately.


On everything from shoes to nails to make up the galaxy seems to be on everyone's mind and I have to say I'm loving it! Cosmic prints have been popping up on clothing for a while now, but lately I've been seeing it expand to everything. Cosmic nail art is also huge and if I painted my nails more often (or was any good at doing my nails) I'd jump on that band wagon too. Cosmic prints in fashion is something I'm constantly adding to my wish list, but sometimes it's hard to do a cosmic print without looking too wizzard-y. Cosmic print leggings are one way. I've had my eye on these galaxy print leggings for some time now.
via Black Milk

via AnotherMag

via Style of IA
Oh these shoes. I saw these cosmic wedges over the summer and have been drooling over then ever since. Too bad they're sold out because I would not even blink before ordering hand painted galaxy wedges.


Egyptian style, Egyptian inspired fashion, and Egyptian themed I have been spotting with my keen little eye all over the interwebs. Specifically in jewelry, I've been going ga ga over Egyptian inspired necklaces.

via Free People

via Lux Vivens Fashion

via Nail Stories UK

The 60s:

If the runways shows for the Spring ready-to-wear collections showed me anything it's that the obsession with the 70s is over and we've reverted to a 60s style that is completely classic with a touch of bohemian. A little more Mod and a little less Madmen.

via Lisa Eldridge Make Up

via Style.com

via NylonMag
So there it is, you know what I'll be strutting my stuff in come this Spring. A tip? No matter how "in" the 60s are, stay away from go-go boots. That's just something that needs to stay dead.

Until next time!

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  1. I know what you mean about looking at blogs all day. Literally. I work with you. I mean, here I am reading YOUR blog, at work. Thanks for distracting me.


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