Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Obsession

A while ago I started paying attention to the lovely and very talented designer Erin Fetherston, who always has just the chicest and most feminine style. Of course, everyone is talking about her Spring 2012 collection and I have to join in because I want every single piece in my closet.

The Spring collection is etherally dreamy with a punch of 60s Twiggy that can't be ignored. And if I were a twig I would wear every single piece from this collection. Here are some of my faves:

all photos via
Does this model not look like Twiggy herself? That's obviously why my mind went there, but I think the collection is also very 60s inspired. I love the flowy fabrics and bold splashes of color, even though the collection is mostly pastel you still find hot pinks and vibrant reds.

So, I'll continue daydreaming that I have a million dollars to spend on a whole new Spring wardrobe while you take a peek into Erin Fetherston's actual million dollar (or more!) wardrobe:

UPDATE: Ok so I had to take out the video because it would auto play every time I visited the blog and music would come out of no where (ANNOYING!), so if you wanna watch the video (worth it), here's the link.

So that's it. I'm in love with this collection of clothing. Please, feel free to obsess with me.


  1. how wierd! I'm wearing an erin featherston shirt today!

  2. Oh that is weird. I wanna see! Tell me you did an outfit post with it.


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