Friday, November 4, 2011

Vintage Haul for the Esty Store

I finally got a chance to get some new merchandise for the Etsy store and I'm excited about it! I have some work to do taking pictures, editing and getting everything listed, but I thought I'd give a sneak peek here.

Oh and before I forget I have a coupon running right now. Enter FALLFUN at checkout and get 15% off of your order! No pressure, just something to think about ;)

So, if you've stopped by the store you should know that I recommend a size for all of the clothes that I list and that's based on how they fit me. Generally, I fit in a Medium so I try to give and idea based on that. That's just a little back story for the following pictures. Please note that, no, I did not take off what I was already wearing before trying these pieces on. I am much too lazy for that.
Ok, I know this shirt doesn't look fantastic in this picture, but it's actually really cute. It's just a tad big on me, but it has the cutest pleats in the front and on the collar. 

I have to admit I love this dress and am debating keeping it. The sleeves are a little too short on me, but it fits great, is in fantastic condition and has pockets! I'm a sucker for anything with pockets. This is definitely a vintage dress worth holding on to. 

I love the beading in this vintage clutch. Once I get this posted you can see all the details, but it's pretty stained inside and on the back. The front is surprisingly unharmed so I had to get it. It was just too pretty. I think someone else will appreciate it as much as me.
That is probably my downfall a lot of times. If I find an item that has some damage, but is amazing and I think still has a lot of wear left I usually pick it up. So we'll see about the vintage clutch, but I'm hoping I wasn't wrong. 

Here's a peek at everything in this latest haul. I have a ton of stuff from a previous one that's not up yet either, but I didn't take any fun photos there. Since I do all my Etsy work at my parents' house because they have more space I'm usually rushing to get out of there. 

Oh I really wish I took a picture of me in that first vintage red dress with the collar. 1) The fit was AMAZING. 2) It reminded me of old super hero costumes from like the 60s. I'm not sure why, my skinny blond friend did not agree, but he obviously has no imagination. Anyway, I'm using this blog post as incentive to get on the ball and actually list these things on Etsy, so get on me about it please! I can use all the help I can get. 

Until next time!


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