Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday with Stella McCartney on My Mind

Let's talk about polka dots. Polka dots are one of those fashion motifs that always seem to swing back around, but never really stick. Part of that reason is because it's hard to get polka dots out of that little girl/Minnie Mouse abyss that people's minds naturally go to when envisioning polka dots. Stella McCarney did it big this fall with her ready to wear collection and I saw this Lucia dress all over magazines. And all of a sudden polka dots were trying to be cool again.


So I have to admit when I saw polka dots popping up all over the place I got a little excited because I've always loved them, just never really thought I could pull them off anymore after the age of 17. Unless of course I was going to a rockabilly look. Anyway, ever since this Stella McCartney dress invaded my fashion magazines I've been looking for something that was polka dotty in a way that suited me. And on that note I introduce today's outfit of the day post:

(Yes, this is me pretending to be a model.)
Dress: Presence in Andersonville
Tights: David and Co
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Yup, nothing like the Stella McCartney dress, but I sure do love it. It's perfectly me and I don't feel like Minnie Mouse in it either. Those of you who see me regularly will be seeing this one a lot so I hope it's not an eyesore.

Thanks all!


  1. love. wearing this same dress tomorrow! what's the lipstick?? me like!


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