Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Design: Design is in the Details

I have an immense fascination with interior photography. Mostly I think this is because I just love photography in general, but interior photography is of a whole different level. Shooting inside is extremely difficult for me and I love admiring the work of those who can do it and do it really well, like David Prince.

Most of David Prince's work is amazing. I love the way he captures details and shadows, but I was most pulled in by his interior photography. As much as I love seeing how full rooms have been laid out and designed, when it comes to interior photography I'm pulled in by those photographers that really know how to capture the details of a room. David Prince does that effortlessly. I gush over the play of lights and shadows as well as all the intricate details that he captures that still make you want to be in this room even though you can't see all of it. I am now a huge fan.

I must like David Prince because his photography focuses on a point in interior design that I think is very important, which is the details. You can fill a space with gorgeous furniture and still have it feel cold and void. It's the little decorative touches and design elements that are unique to a person or place that really pull everything together. This is particularly why I don't enjoy overly-white, sterile designs and tend to stick to vintage, aged, and rustic spaces.

What do you say? Love the details or prefer seeing whole rooms in intrior photography?

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