Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Design: Lovely London Loft

Oh holy brown. This lovely London loft is definitely not lacking in the brown category, but I love every bit of it. Of course, it's constructed with exposed brick walls and extremely high ceilings complete with wood beams. Basically, everything I love.

This loft is located in the historic Ragged School and is available immediately. You know what that means? I'm moving to London and adding a few more pops of color into this space. Who's coming with me? Oh wait. I haven't won the lottery yet. Crap. Never mind. I'll just continue lusting over the photos if the comfortably industrial interiors and spacious high ceilings. Sigh.

I would add colored couches and curtains to add a little brightness to the space. Although with those huge warehouse windows, it would never seem dreary inside this loft.

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