Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Design: Free Form Castle

Have you ever wished you lived in a castle? I think a lot of children always imagine what it would be like to live in a castle, I know I did. But a lot of times, even now, I think of castels as big stone buildings with large tapestries on the walls and fireplaces in every room because they don't have any other systems of heating installed. In most cases, every time I've been to visit a "castle" it have been like this because they've all be the ancient leftovers of some royal family that hasn't existed in hundreds of years. So when I saw this home of Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia I realized that it was the perfect modern day castle.

Now this house, or castle, is intriguing for several reasons. One is that, well, it's a castle and, come on, that's always something you want to see right? Two, the architect chose to make the majority of the home out of stone, so even though it is a relatively modern piece from the 70s it still feel like the classic castles we tend to think of. Three, the design is extremely organic and I'm a sucker for walls with curves (aren't we all ;).

Another reason I absolutely love this castle is its complete refusal to move out of the 70s. The castle was in fact built in the 70s and I am assuming decorated around the same time it was built, so it makes sense that the style of the architecture would be entirely retro 70s. However, it seems that the decor has not been updated at all since the first time it was put in and I think it's freaking awesome. Why? Because I love the 70s. What a crazy time for colors and patterns and style in general. I think that's what makes me like this design so much.  It's not only a lavish castle, it's a super swinging retro lavish castle! I want to go to here. In go-go boots.

In case you haven't entered yet, there's also still some time to get some entries in for my first blog giveaway!

If you could decorate your home in the style of any era, which era would you pick?

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