Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What I Wore: The Grown Up Leopard Print Edition

It's not a secret that I love leopard print - at least it shouldn't be at this point - so me wearing a leopard print dress on the blog isn't really news. However, this leopard print dress is particularly important to me as it's my second piece of "grown-up" leopard print.

What is grown-up leopard print you ask? Good question, because it's not something I ever thought about until about a year ago when leopard print as super hot again and in all the stores. It's still pretty hot and easy to find every time fall rolls around (and of course you can find me in leopard print any time of the year) which makes it easy to see the difference between grown up leopard print and teen leopard print. Just take a look in the window of J.Crew or LOFT and then peek into a Forever 21 - you'll see what I mean. Grown up versions of the print are darker and bigger. No pinks or blues here.

 Leopard print shirt dress - Urban Outfitters (apparently it's only available in stores, but this one is similar)
Opaque black tights - David and Co (my favorite tight brand and the only kind I buy)
Buckle moto booties - Urban Outfitters
Cross body purse - Melie Bianco

No matter how grown up your leopard print is, an entire dress in the print is always going to be a little loud. That's why I kept the rest of the details in the outfit rather simple except for the shoes. I paired an easy gold collar necklace and simple bracelets with black tights. I wanted to pull the same colors from the dress into the purse for this reason too. But, of course, I love standing out so I picked a pair of statement shoes for a little pop. All in all, it was a great weekend thrifting outfit.

 Aren't these details great? These are my new favorite shoes.

A super special thank you to my photographer of the day.

Leopard print: Love it or hate it?

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