Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Design: Floor Plans

As drawn as I am to rustic designs and styles, lately I've found myself being really pulled in my more modern and quirky interior designs. Maybe it's because I've been going through the painfully slow process of redesigning my apartment and there is nothing rustic about it so I have to look at more modern interiors for inspiration. Well, this awesomely modern and bright apartment is nothing if not inspiring.

This love nest in Barcelona instantly grabbed me because it managed to do exactly what I want to but am for some reason incapable of. The interiors perfectly marry industrial, rustic, and modern design all inline space. How do I get good at this? Or, who's good at this and wants to do it for me?

I don't think I've ever felt love before like the love I feel for this cube floor. Be still my beating heart. Now, as cool as I think this would be in the kitchen, does anyone else think that it might make you dizzy to look ate for too long? Either way, I'd love to be around it either at work or at home.  How do I make this happen?

If you keep up with the blog, you've seen this shot before because I used it in my gorgeous wood dining room table round up. But I of course had to come back and post the whole space because...well, look at it.

Would you like to have these cube floors in your house? 


  1. I wouldn't want the cube floors, I do however like the decor and color schemes going on here.
    I'm a huuuge fan of hardwood flooring with white walls and very minimal (read:not frilly) furniture. The accent wall in the living room is killing me though...WANT!

    1. OMG tell me about it! I am currently planning on doing the same in my apartment because I love that wall so much. I'm back and forth on the floors. They might be too much to live with, but I do think they are super cool.


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