Thursday, December 6, 2012

What I Wore: Getting the Blues Edition

Have you noticed the peplum trend lately too? I've seen it everywhere and I have to admit I love that it's back. However, I have this problem with peplum that it rarely seems to hit me in the right spot and finding flattering peplum styles has been a challenge. Yes, I know my life is so hard.

Back Button Up Top - Forever 21 (similar top)
Blue Peplum Skirt - Local boutique (similar cobalt blue skirt can be found here)
Black leggings
Teal Heels - Aldo forever ago (similar heels here)
Chainmail Collar Necklace - local boutique (similar necklace here)

So I successfully found a couple peplum pieces that I thought hit where they should - right at my waistline. The waistline is where the peplum should flare out on you. A little higher and it makes your torso look short, a little lower and it makes your hips look super wide.

Dresses are a problem and some tops, but skirts are generally the best option if you're having the same issue because you can usually buy a size up or down and pull it a little higher or lower to sit right where it hits your waistline. Shirts don't have the freedom so sometimes the flare hits just a touch too high, making my proportions look off.
That's the number one danger with trends - they don't work for everyone. OR they can work for everyone, but not in every form. So if you really, really, really want those sequin pants, you should shop around for that pair that doesn't make you look like a glittery elephant rather than grabbing the first pair you see (yes, I am also in the market for sequin pants, because why wouldn't I be?).

I think the length of the peplum matters too. If it's really short it'll flare out more so be careful about that. All this goes back to my number one rule of shopping: don't buy anything without trying it on first. You can save yourself a lot of money and a lot of headache.

I'm also obsessed with this new necklace. I pinned a similar one ages ago with the intention of making my own (because I'm nuts) and then found this one! Except to see me attempting to style in on multiple occasions coming up.

Last week I was chatting about jackets and how I really needed a new one. Well I bought one on ASOS and it finally came in over the weekend! It's a moto style coat with fake leather sleeves. I adore it, but we'll see if it stands up to the blistery Chicago winters.

How do you pull off peplum?

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  1. You found just the right one, it looks great on you
    and your new jacket looks like it can go with many outfits :)


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