Friday, December 14, 2012

Photo Friday: Rainbow Strings

I would be oh-so-thankful that it's Friday, but I decided to leave all my Christmas shopping for this weekend. Why? Because I'm a crazy person. So before I go into all out frenzied panic mode, I pulled some pretty colors from the internet.

When I first saw these installations by Gabriel Dawe I wasn't super impressed until I realized that these installations weren't projected beams of light, but colored strings carefully arranged to create beautiful rainbow colored spectrums of light. Just the painstaking amount of work it must have taken to set one of these rainbow installations up is impressive. If Dawe can do this, I can Christmas shop through hoards of Chicagoans, just sayin'.

I love these detail shots. Look at that commitment. And I think I'm devoted to things, sheesh.

What's the most tedious thing you've ever done?

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