Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Design: Vintage Touches

I don't normally post businesses when I'm pulling interior design inspiration, but Emerald City Eyebrows is almost directly pulled from my dreams. I would live here if I could. It's located in Denver, Colorado, so if you're local check it out and tell me if it's everything I thought it would be.

This space has the perfect mix of vintage, rustic, and modern without anything seeming out of place or over done. I am super impressed by the owner's style and capabilities to design the interiors all herself! I wish I was this good, my apartment would be way cuter. She and her girlfriend took pieces they found and built up this empty work space to fit their needs. They built up that wall of doors which is a great way to create privacy and while at the same time looking interesting and trendy. 

And, of course, I'm obsessed with all the exposed brick in the space. However, it couldn't have been easy to hang all those pieces on the walls. Can you image spending an afternoon being pampered in that glittered salon chair?

I love all the furniture in the salon. It's absolutely luxurious and retro - a perfect tone to set for the whole space.

 This is the owner, isn't she adorable? Could you imagine a more fitting personality for this salon? I love her outfit too. It's everything that the space is - modern, retro, and feminine.

If I could steal one piece from here, it would be this run down, teal arm chair.

Would you get your eyebrows done here?

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