Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Gifts and a Dresser that Becomes a Table

After all the hustle and bustle, Christmas is over. I hope your holiday was wonderful, did you guys get anything awesome? I got a little something that I want to brag about. This year I got a Polaroid camera with film!
I was so excited! I've always wanted a Polaroid and when I finally got my hands on an old one, they discontinued the film. So now I actually own two old Polaroids, but that's ok. I have film! And that's what's most important. My wonderful gift-giving roommate wasn't aware I was already in possession of one when he got me this one.  So of course I tested it right away, but the film is still pretty expensive so I'm being kind of conservative with it. 

Yea, we came out kind of blue. Obviously I don't really know how to work it yet, but I plan on playing with it in the upcoming weeks, so we'll see! 

Anyway, enough about me. On to the good stuff. I found this amazing dresser design on FreshHome (go figure, they find the coolest stuff). Get this, the dresser comes apart to a table and two chairs! 

How, you ask? Well the table part is pretty easy to see, I think, but where do the chairs come in? 


Crazy right? The Ludovico Desk/Chairs/Storage is the ultimate small space solution! Anyone living in a tiny space (this girl) can appreciate the genius in Claudio Sibille's design. I've been going crazy trying to design whether it's more practical to get a small table and chairs in the tiny kitchen or more storage space. Both are badly needed considering our current and only table is the coffee table. Of course, even if this were for sale, there is no way my tiny bank account would allow it, but I can appreciate the design and day dream right? Those don't cost me nothin' (take that).

Maybe I just need to start thinking outside of the box. Do you/ did you live in a small space? How did you manage to cram in?

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