Monday, December 19, 2011

Clean Yet Rustic Simplicity in Interior Design

This morning when I checked my Google reader I was greeted by the most delightful design photography. What a great way to start the day (err...well maybe not if you're not into interior design). Of course I can always count on Desire to Inspire to find amazing interior designs, it is my go-to in fact. Anyway, these photos are from a farmhouse renovation shot by Paul Brissman, an amazing photographer, who I now intend to follow regularly.

I love everything about this farmhouse. It's rustic yet clean. I think it can sometimes be difficult to create this combination seamlessly. You "rustic" can sometimes look "shabby chic", which usually just looks cluttered to me (but good cluttered, I do enjoy my shabby chic style here and there). There is just somthing that sooths me about natural, exposed wood beams. I know, I'm a weirdo, but guess what? If I'm going to be living somewhere, I want it to be visualy soothing and this fits the bill for me.

Another win: large, open, sunny spaces.

This rustic sink is what I mean by rustic yet clean. It looks rough and worn around the edges, but I wouldn't be scared to lay my toothbrush on the counter.

All I can say is that I would have fantastic dreams in this bed, no doubt.

So you can very obviously see the kinds of things that make up my dream home. What kind of this designs make up yours?


  1. If I buy a bag of twix, am i allowed to put it on the counter. Oh wait. Twix wrappers are a golden color, so that means they would match the decor. Um, how about if i bought a bag of peanut M&M's. And I wanted to put them in a bowl. Oh, I guess if the bowl is white.

    Wow. This theme is foolproof!

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  3. OR! You could put the candy in a wooden bowl on the white table. There are lots of options. ;)


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