Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trend Spotting Tuesday: Printed Denim

In my ramblings around various stores and fashion sites on the internet, I've seen a trend that's been slowly growing for a little while now, but it seems like it will be in full swing in the Spring: Printed Denim! And thus, today's trend spotting post. 

Who's loving it? This girl! Well, I have a tendancy to love all things that have something to do with prints of bright colors so this is right up my alley! I've actually been eyeballing those floral print Urban Outfitters ones for a while, but then I noticed that print jeans and pants were popping up all over. The UO ones are probably still my favorite so far, but Asos does put up some tough competition. And yes, the Mod Cloth ones are not denim, but I noticed that too late (and had already included them in the jpg so :P) and they're cute anyway.

What on earth would I do with printed denim, you ask? Lots! Colors, patterns and prints are still being mixed and matched for the Spring, but if you don't want to be that daring (or, like me, don't want to look like a Moroccan street market) there is nothing simpler than throwing on a pair of printed jeans, a plain tank or tee, and some boots. Throw on a colorful, chunky necklace and BAM! You instantly look stylish. How easy was that? Oh man, remind me to start using Polyvore more often in these examples.  Hopefully, you get the idea though. 

So what do you say? Printed pants: take 'em or leave 'em?

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