Monday, December 12, 2011

Squeeze in: The Biggest 10-foot Wide House You've Ever Seen

I was in some level of shock and awe when I first saw this 10 foot wide house on 1KindDesign. Seriously, the imaginations of people always really surprise me, mostly because I'm not particularly imaginative or creative, but I have always wished I was. Anyway, when I saw this impossibly narrow red house I was amazed with how well spaced and designed it was. I would love to live here and for a mere $849,000 you can! Oh, if I were rich.

Ok, enough of my babble. On to the pictures!

Oh yes, did I forget to mention this house comes with a wine cellar? $849,00 starting to sound anymore reasonable? No? Yea, not for me either, BUT this house is still gorgeous. I love the how the bright red accents carry from the exterior to the interior. It's a great use of space and has really made me re-think the layout of my tiny apartment. A big tumbs up to this one!

Until next time!

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