Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday iPhone Outfit

So since the gathering the equipment and personnel necessary to do a photo shoot is so difficult, by that I mean finding a day that both my boyfriend and I have off together, I'm going to do an iPhone outfit a week. Yay iPhones! Mostly because you guys seem to love the outfit posts. And that's not just me being vain, blogger showed me the numbers.

So here's attempt number 1!
Dark teal jeans: Flying Monkey
Shirt: Lush
Boots: Wanted
 So this was a little weird. My jeans found Jesus. But you know, I have to give respect to a company who utilizes their merchandise to promote what they believe in, as long as it's a good thing. For example, I will not buy jeans that promote killing baby seals, but I'm cool with God. So good for you Flying Monkey! I may not agree with you, but you make some great jeans so thanks.

That's my two cents of the day, see you kids later!

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