Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Design: A Rosebud for Your Butt

This house is a lesson in How to Add Color to your Space without Paint. Seriously. This Parisian apartment adds color and warmth with pops of colorful furniture, bright kitchen appliances, and large vibrant pieces of art. The balance that lives within the space is something to be admired. Even the rooms that are wallpapered are balanced out with simple furniture design. In sum, Joséphine Gintzburger's Paris apartment combines a unique and intimate design that's youthful and dripping with personality.

I have to admit that what first drew me to this apartment was the bright pink rosebud chair. Although there are several interesting design points in this room, your eye is drawn to those bright pink petals. Oh the orange alligator skin rug might be worth mentioning too.

This kitchen is to die for! Vintage appliances in fun bubble gum colors? I'm sold! I love the mix of vintage and modern. Very chic and fun.

I have to admit the photographs in the bedroom, although interesting, are a little terrifying.

The pops of color are apparent in every room and the kitsch-y touches of art make the space wonderfully individual. It's refreshing to see an apartment design that is dripping with chic yet does not feel staged or forceful. Two thumbs up from me.  

How do you add color to your space?


  1. Great picks
    I actually like the pink fridge, very unexpected :)
    I can't wait to move to try some of these ideas

    1. Oh I know! and the red...dishwasher? I love it too. They have a very vintage feel. If you do try some of these idea you have to share pictures!


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